'Eat well to feel well' - The Gut Brain Connection

Margret O'Brien | Donation Event | Online 12th May 22

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Learn how nutrition is not only essential for good physical health but how it is also essential to support good mental health.

Good health is composed of multiple components or pillars for good physical and mental health. 

Nutrition is one of these pillars. As a society, we are aware that we are feeding our bodies, but are we as aware that we need to feed our brains also?

We need to consume energy and around 40 essential nutrients from the foods that we eat and our brains need many of these nutrients to function optimally. Poor nutrition can cause anxiety and depression and so to maintain a healthy brain we need to keep our gut in optimal health by feeding it healthy nutritious food.

This one-hour workshop will demonstrate how good nutrition is not only essential for good physical health but how it is also essential to support good mental health.

The gut-brain connection is a relatively new area of science, with research linking the impact food and lifestyle habits have on our health, including mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. 80% of Serotonin the neurotransmitter responsible for our mood is made in the gut by the foods we eat, so it is not enough just to eat 3 meals a day, this food must contain all the essential nutrients that the body cannot make itself.

Every meal you eat presents a new opportunity to heal, or, damage the gut. But it's reassuring to learn that you can start at any point to make small positive changes to your diet and lifestyle which over time can have beneficial effects on your physical and mental health.

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What are the key benefits of this event?

You would do this course if you have an interest in the Gut-Brain connection and how nutrition supports good mental health.

Some of what you will learn:

  • The general nutritional guidelines apply to us all. (irrespective of what your health goals are, understanding these guidelines will make achieving those goals more manageable)
  • How the health of your gut impacts the health of your brain
  • How stress can deplete your body of essential nutrients
  • How to incorporate nutrient-rich foods into your diet that will help you consume all the essential nutrients to support good physical and mental.

Time will be allocated to Q&A at the end.

Who can join this event?

This course is intended for anyone with an interest in nutrition, and, or, mental health. Therapists find this course beneficial because when some clients make changes to their diet it can make it easier for them to concentrate on the therapy session.

What is the date and cost of this event?

  • Thursday 12th May 2022, 7pm - 8pm BST Online via Zoom

As a guide, we recommend the following donations level:

  • £10 - Employed, full time
  • £5 - Employed, part time
  • £1 - Not in paid employment

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Meet Margret O'Brien

Graduated from Griffith College, Dublin in 2011, qualifying as a Certified Public Accountant. Gained valuable business and financial experience over 20 years acquired across a number of industries including multinationals, SME’s and the charity sector.

Exploring alternatives to move away from the corporate world, I decided to convert a passion for health and nutrition into a meaningful career, by retraining as a Nutrition and lifestyle coach.

Since qualifying in 2017 as a Nutrition and lifestyle coach, I have delivered health and wellness courses to the education, charity and business sectors and also to individuals and families.

With a particular interest in nutrition and mental health, I have researched extensively in this area and also completed a certificate course in nutrition and mental health with the University of Canterbury in October 2021.

Peer-reviewed research in this area indicates a correlation between changing ones diet, by bringing about a positive change to our physical wellbeing, and the positive impact it has on our mental health. These research findings parallel my own experiences with clients.

Additional Qualifications:

2017 Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach Dip NLC (IHS).

2021 Certificate Counselling & Psychotherapeutic Studies (IICP).

2021 Certificate in Nutrition and Mental Health (University of Canterbury).

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