Introduction to Working with Trauma

Alison Woodward | Mon 27th June | 3-hour Workshop | Online

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This short course is designed to support practitioners in increase their understanding of the impact of trauma.

 It will cover what happens to our brains when we experience traumatic events and highlight the differences between PTSD and Complex PTSD. 

We will together consider how people react based on their past traumatic experiences and offer some practical guidance on how to work safely and productively with trauma.

  • Introduction, welcome, safe boundaries and agenda (20mins)
  • What is trauma – definition, single/multiple/relational (20mins)
  • What happens to our brains – neuroscience & physical symptoms (30mins)
  • Break (20mins)
  • Impact of trauma on human response (30mins)
  • Phased approach to working with trauma (25mins)
  • Practical skills, grounding/language etc. (20mins)
  • Summary, check and end (15mins)
  • The event will be interactive, include small and whole group discussion and presenter led delivery.

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Key Benefits

This course will re-frame your thinking about human response, challenging your view about ‘difficult behaviours’ and enabling you to identify the symptoms of trauma your clients may be experiencing.

Viewing your work through a trauma lens opens up a whole new toolkit for you to work with, it enables the clients difficulties to be normalized and explained which gives permission to step away from their trauma and move forward with different knowledge and thinking.

Target Audience

Professionals working directly with clients (Social Workers, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Teachers, Police Officers, Medical staff etc.)

Meet Alison Woodward

Alison is a Supervisor, UKCP accredited Psychotherapist and Certified Transactional Analyst. She works in private practice in Bournemouth, Bournemouth University as a lecturer in clinical skills and for the Sexual Trauma and Recovery Service (STARS) in Dorset.

Alison has developed her experience in working with clients who have symptoms of complex PTSD. She works using Herman’s three-phase therapeutic approach as a trauma framework with her clients to ensure clinical safety and space to understand and resolve the intrusive symptoms that client’s experience.

Her passion is sharing knowledge with other practitioners to support their therapeutic practice and develop their skills to allow the client to recover.

Workshop Date & Cost

  • This workshop will take place on Monday 27th June at 6:30pm - 9:30pm BST.
  • General Admission - £30.00
  • IMC Student / Graduate - £25.00
  • Free Admission (CPD) - x 6 spaces. Please click here to check availability or email to be added onto the waiting list. 

Course Venues:   Exeter   |   Poole   


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